Memorial Day (Safety Tips)

Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner, a time to commemorate the soldiers who died in combat in ceremonies held around the country on the last Monday of May. This holiday is the kick start the summer season. A chance to spend a good time with family or friends, sharing a barbecue, or camping. That is why I would like to share with you, safety tips, that will ensure will have fun with no regrets.

There is nothing better than enjoying a summer starry sky, with great moonlight, and in connection with nature. This outing is certainly a perfect opportunity to leave the stresses of the week behind by the sitting around the glow of a campfire. But keep in mind the following points when preparing a camp fire:

First of all, it is necessary to find out if it is allowed to make bonfires in the area where you camp or vacation, most places has restrictions due to severe drought in some states.

If you are allowed to do so, place the campfire at a strategic point, at a safe distance from the tents, where there are no strong bursts of wind.

Clear all grass and debris that may appear, at least 15 feet around the campfire, as well as shops, shrubs and other flammable objects.

If children accompany you, keep in mind to keep them under surveillance at all times.

Finally, before leaving, be sure to pour plenty of water over the fire until it is completely off.

Taking these simple precautions can prevent a forest fire and preserve our precious parks. Forgetting to put out completely something as simple as a bonfire, can cost thousands and thousands of lost hectares.

If you want more information and advice on how to camp, I recommend that you visit the following link

Keep in mind these three factors when considering a camping trip-

  • Zone: Do not camp in prohibited sites, as you could end up having a very an unpleasant experience. The zones established for camping have minimum supervision by authorities, and in theory, they are safe spaces, for that reason the best thing is to respect the norms and to limit activities in these areas.


  • Food: Always carry enough non-perishable food such as canned goods as well as plenty of water to stay properly hydrated. It is also advisable to check out your weather forecast for the days on which you plan to camp.


  • Emergencies: Always carry with you a first aid kit with the essential, plus a mobile phone with a charged battery, a compass, a GPS and a map of the area where you find the nearest villages marked.

Never leave the city or your home town on a camping trip, without telling a family or friend where you are going. Tell them exactly where, what spot you plan to camp and when you are planning your return.

Remember, think safety first, have a safe Memorial Day Weekend!

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