When the News Brings Back the Pain

The news shook me this morning. An explosion at a Wisconsin corn mill plant left at least one person dead, dozens injured and two people are missing. My heart goes out to the families, employees and firefighting crews, now scouring through the rubble, looking for the missing workers. Just last night, my wife Precious and I were going over the manuscript of our up-coming book. In it, we share with you all, the excruciating pain and lessons learned during our ordeal, where I survived an explosion in a refinery.

I say “our” because my accident also happened to my family, especially my life partner and mother of my children. When I survived the explosion, I spent three months in an induced coma. But my wife’s agony began within minutes of my accident. She had little information, no one called her directly. Precious speeded out to the hospital in Corpus Christie because someone told her sister, that I had been taken there.

The first few days, there were so many questions to which she did not have any answers. Everyone wanted to hear what happened. Over 30 members of my family gathered in the lobby of the hospital. Friends, co-workers and even our church brothers and sisters, were there too. Most were waiting to hear if I made it out of the explosion alive. She was besieged by ambulance chasing lawyers, God fearing acquaintances, friends, co-workers and even the media. They all wanted to know what happened and some offered advice and opinion.

Only I knew- since I was there, but it took three months for her to hear it from my lips. Let’s not judge or ask too many unanswered questions, but pray for everyone involved in this tragedy. May the Lord give them strength, a speedy recovery, and healing, just the way he gave our family in due time.

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