Father’s day

This father’s day- my wife, Precious and I will be experiencing something new in our lives. The realization that our kids are gown and independent. A fact that has seeded in us, that weird feeling of “awe, they don’t need us to take them here and there any more.”

Our teens are now car owners and will be driving. Time to let go and let them use their own judgment on safety, road rules and obeying transit laws.

Precious says she now understands what her parents went through, when she drove herself around Corpus Christi as a young girl. Her parents worried a lot and she complied by calling and checking in from payphones and friend’s house phones. Today, we as parents, worry about the kids using phones as they drive, of distracted drivers using technology. But I keep telling myself, let go and let God take care of them.

As a dad, I am blessed to be alive and well to see this important step in my children’s lives. I am also thankful that their mother has the sesitivity and understanding to guide us through this scary but exciting period for them with tough rules for them to follow to ease our nerves.

Have any of you experienced something similar with your kids? Please share with your thoughts…

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