Spend More Quality Time With Your Child

After all we’ve been through with the tragedy that I survived to; spending time with my family is the most valuable thing for us. It’s a moment of enjoyment for all of us, which betters the affective bonds, the self-esteem, encourages the learning and stimulates our communication. We take advantage of the summer and the vacations of our children, to create memories that we know, will last forever.

But we don’t have to wait for vacations. Searching every day moments in which the family, parents and children, can share, is important for all the family set and, of course, for our children, in which you will see how happiness comes from seeing their father and mother with them.

Connecting with our family creates an affective bond, healthy relationships and an environment of confidence. I know that sometimes it can be complicated and it turns to be a challenge connecting with our kids while they’re growing up and they’re winning autonomy, but I tell you it’s not impossible. Angel and Victoria are grown, not that long ago we got to find them their own car, something that, we feared, was going to turn them away from us. But the guys now want to go in “caravans” to their uncles’ houses, sports events and even to the chocolate store that we’re putting up at our town’s mall. So, I tell them: “—go ahead, we’re following you…” They were lots of months that I passed in a coma, that being able to say these words fills me with happiness and joy.

To do well in connecting with your children you have to:

-Communicate with them; because communication is the key to get better in the connection with them, it’s important to build trust.

-Show interest, respect, and attention for their things. If you want to connect with them is important paying attention to their concerns, respecting their interest and sharing with them in one way or another will be helpful to better the connection with them. Now my son Angel loves wrestling, baseball, basketball, and sports in general. For his vacations, we’re going this weekend to see a fight in Las Vegas. I feel as excited as him.

-Try to share your interests with them; with this, you will create more special bonds.

-Respect their space and understand that not always they want to be with you, but when yes, spare no effort and make them company. Leave what you planned if you can do it in another moment. Time with them is precious. Sharing with family comes to be more important with each day that passes. Because they’re the base of my world and sharing together we’ve succeeded in creating strong bonds all-proof. This good connection encourages an open communication that is the base of the trustfulness that we have today. Always supporting each other and we’re there when we need each other.

Remember that the time not spent with family doesn’t come back; spending quality time is not to dedicate a moment with them and then forget about them the rest of the day. It’s about organizing ourselves to daily have time to enjoy with them. The key is in transforming all the time that we spend together, whether much or little, in activities that we all enjoy. Meanwhile, washing the car and planning trips with them, is a new and funny hobby.

Some advices to spend more time in family

Plan yourself to spend moments with them: See what they like to do and join them, because sharing with them will make you live enjoyable moments.

Provide quality time: Pay attention to your family. It’s about your family appreciating the time that you dedicate to them, and the love that you do it with. Quality time is to leave the phone, laptop and television.

Converse with your children: Like I said previously, talking to your children is vital to build confidence, when I say “converse” is both talking. Make sure they talk to you and respond letting them know that you’re actively listening.

Establish limits between work and personal life: Avoid taking work home. We have to understand that we are human beings and in that way what affects at work can affect at home. For example, if you had a bad day at work, there’s no reason to carry it home, in contrast, leave it and go home as if it was your best day.

Always keep an eye on your family and search the way you share with them, because the time that you don’t spend with them doesn’t come back, ever. Take advantage and time for your family today, put it on your agenda, and give it priority. Treat the goal as a project in your calendar; it will be beneficial for everybody, managing to have a family united, full of love and a good relationship.

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